Nancy Harshfield, LMSW-C, CMHIMP, CDBT

I am licensed in the state of Michigan as a Masters of Social Work with a clinical emphasis (LMSW-C), a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Professional (CMHIMP) and recently received a certificate in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT). I have a decade of experience in hospice working with families and individuals during their end of life journey.

Hospice brings to the forefront a unique skill set when dealing with family dynamics because time is critical. I practice through the lens of Integrative Medicine with a functional medical model, looking at the whole person and their lifestyle choices including diet, activity level, sleep, hobbies, and quality of their relationships. I treat every client with respect and dignity and focus on the strengths that they bring to the work we will do together. I work with trauma victims who have experienced trauma through an auto accident, and our nation’s Veterans. Trauma includes PTSD, depression, anxiety, sleep disruption, physical and emotional pain. I am passionate about our younger generation and how the technical age has impacted their socialization: contributing to depression, anxiety, and poor relationships within and outside the family unit. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many more issues to the forefront that our youth our carrying and many may need a place to talk and navigate these unique emotions.

I am a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider (CMHIMP). This is a functional medicine certification that integrates physical health practices with brain health. Mental Health is essentially brain health and how we treat our body through diet and lifestyle impacts how well our physical and mental health can perform. Through my hospice work, I have embedded in every aspect of the human condition including grief, loss, marriage issues, family issues, child dynamics, depression, anxiety, anger, addiction, and trauma.

I am passionate about you as an individual, whether you are an adult or adolescent, and how you are thriving in life. How are your relationships and how are you feeling and living out your daily life. I am here to work through anxiety, depression, substance abuse/addiction, trauma, marriage issues, and young adult concerns, to help you feel better and lead a more productive life. We as humans are designed for relationships and community, and the quality of these relationships will determine the quality of your life. Let’s begin a journey together to make it a great one.