Current Group Offerings:

Women’s Empowerment Group

Join us for a virtual 10-week women’s empowerment group. We will be reading “Warrior Goddess Training” By, Heather Ash Amara. In group therapy sessions we will discuss, process, and apply the material with group members on the outside readings. Meetings will occur over Google Meet through a group video call.

Benefits from this group include:

-Increased confidence & self-compassion

-Self-care practices

Group members are required to commit to the full 10 weeks, with the exception of 1 absence due to a personal emergency or illness. Participants are required to participate in their own individual therapy sessions outside of the group sessions.

Insurances are accepted and private pay is offered (ask for rate).

“The Four Agreements” Virtual Bibliotherapy Group 

Join us for 8 weeks of group therapy in a similar format of a book club. We will be reading the personal development book “The Four Agreements” by, Don Miguel Ruiz.

The Four Agreements based on ancient Toltec wisdom covered in the book include:

-Be impeccable with your word

-Don’t take anything personally

-Don’t make assumptions

-Always do your best

Group therapy does not replace individual therapy. Participants are required to continue weekly or bi-weekly visits with their current therapist or Erica.

Group size is limited to 5 participants and weekly attendance is required.

Social-Emotional Development Group for Teen Girls

The purpose of this group is to enhance the social-emotional development of teenage girls ages 14-18. Group members will also have the ability to develop healthy peer relationships with one another and receive social support. This is an ongoing weekly group for participants and they are required to still attend individual therapy outside of group sessions with Erica or their current therapist.

Learning objectives of this group include:


Communication Skill Building

Conflict Resolution Skill Building

Mindfulness Coping Skills

Making Friendships

Boundary Setting Skill Building

Confidence Skill Building

Body Positivity & Body Acceptance

Identifying Emotions




…and more!

8 Week Improv Group for Teens (Ages 14-17)

Come heal with us through laughter and playfulness! Improv therapy is designed to help enhance communication skills and promotes radical acceptance of “what is” through the spirit of “yes and..”, which is a collaborative experience amongst group members to act out prompts through games and use of imagination. Learn about what it is like to live life unscripted and develop the skills to be comfortable while improvising in a group setting, problem solving, as well as boost your self-confidence.

Fun fact: Improv was born out of social work practices!

The therapeutic benefits of improv therapy include laughter, social connection, building self-esteem, and increased communication skills.

Learning Outcomes:


-Embracing Imperfection

-Communication: Self-Expression & Active Listening

-Emotional Intelligence & Empathy

-Self-Care & Stress Relief

-Seeking Opportunities in Failure


-Coping Skills

-Healthy Peer Relationships

Insurances Accepted & Private Pay ($25 per session)

Group Size is Limited to 6 Participants

The group will meet virtually through Google Hangouts. Participants must also be currently receiving their own individual treatment outside of group sessions either with Erica or their current therapist. A scheduled phone screening is required before enrollment.

Starts Wednesday, June 16th and is Every Wednesday at 4 pm

Virtual Self-Compassion Group

Do you find that your negative self-perceptions are limiting you?

Join us for a 13-week workshop series. The group will occur via google hangouts Mondays at 7:15 pm to process and apply the material in a group setting. The workbook includes daily chapters and exercises to complete.

Benefits of building self-compassion:

  • Increased confidence
  • Develop self-love and acceptance
  • Live a happier, more fulfilled life

Participants must live in the state of Michigan and be at least 18 years old. This workshop is not designed to replace individual mental health treatment.


Upcoming dates for virtual self-compassion course: Sept 7- Nov 30, 2021 (13 weeks)

Insurances Accepted

Private Pay: $260 total (non-refundable)

Reviews of the Virtual Self-Compassion Group for the page:

“Being part of this group was one of the best experiences I have had in personal growth and learning. Each week I looked forward to our sessions and the community we formed as a group. Through the intentional structure of the course and the skilled facilitation by Erica, the meetings are a safe place to share experiences and be vulnerable. Beyond my internal growth, I gained a better perspective into the journey of others, developing greater compassion and empathy for myself and others. I highly recommend this course.”

“Erica’s group sessions provide more than positive experiences, she provides a safe space to be vulnerable and open. The group therapy sessions offer the framework for the deep, inner self-work that needs to be done to promote healthier living within one’s self. I recommend this group to all who are needing an extra boost of community, self-awareness, and healing.”

Got Anxiety?

6 Week Skill Building Group

Group description: This group is designed to help participants learn skills to reduce and prevent anxiety symptoms. Learning objectives include mindfulness-based coping skills and communication skill-building through improv therapy exercises. The group will meet virtually over the course of 6 weeks.

Begins: Sept 14

Tuesdays: 7 pm -8 pm

Healing Through The Chakras Group

Join us for 8 weeks of virtual group therapy to explore the use of the chakras in healing the mind, body, and spirit. This group has been designed to work collaboratively with evidence-based treatment models, along with spiritual-based therapy. Ages 18 & up are welcome to attend.

What are chakras?

Chakras recently have become more culturally well known through the increased popularity of yoga and meditation. They are an ancient form of energy systems resembling a wheel of color in the body, with the belief originating in Ayurvedic practices in India beginning as early as 1000 BC. One’s chakras may become blocked due to stress, poor diet, or painful life events. When a chakra is blocked, it may manifest in physical or emotional pain. They can become realigned through meditation, visualization, breathwork, personal exploration of past experiences, journaling thoughts. There are 7 main chakras in the body that are aligned along your spine, with each one having a specific name, color, and health focus.

Learning Objectives:

  • Self-Care Practices & Mindfulness-Based Coping Skills
  • Reframing of distorted thought patterns and limiting beliefs
  • Use of spiritual beliefs to promote inner strength & resilience

Treatment modalities offered:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Spiritual Based Therapy

Mindfulness Coping Skills

Journal Therapy


Thursdays 6 pm-7 pm (Beginning August 12)


Insurances Accepted

Private Pay: $160 total (non-refundable)


Contact Erica Kemp, LLMSW at