How Do I Become a New Client?

  1. Simply contact us through the website, or by phone to express your interest.
  2. We will then ask you for your insurance information so that we can check your coverage and give you an estimate of your benefits. This will allow us to inform you of your out of pocket responsibilities upfront and then we would proceed to schedule an appointment.
  3. You would then be sent your new client paperwork via email or mail. If you prefer to fill out your paperwork in person in our office, this is also an option.
  4. Send us your completed paperwork through email or bring it with you to your first appointment.

What to Expect for My First Appointment?

Your first appointment with your therapist will be a biopsychosocial assessment. This will help the therapist get to know you better and understand your reasons for coming to therapy. The information gained from the assessment will give the therapist an idea of possible treatment modalities to integrate into your future visits.

In your second appointment following the assessment, you and your therapist will work together as a team to create a treatment plan. This is a collaborative process where you will discuss your goals for coming to therapy. The therapist then thoroughly explains the suggested treatment modalities and how they could benefit you. Once the treatment plan is created and you provide consent, then the therapist can provide you with psychological services, uniquely personalized to fit your needs.


Upon starting with us we will contact your insurance to obtain your coverage information. This is only an estimate of your benefits and coverage. It will determine if our services are covered and if you have a deductible, copy, or co-insurance due for services received. We will make sure you are aware of our findings after obtaining this estimate from your insurance.

It is equally important that you contact your insurance regarding your coverage and out of pocket responsibilities.

Key questions to ask for regarding your coverage:

  • Do you have mental health coverage for office visits and what that coverage includes or excludes?
  • Is your provider in or out of network?
  • And finally, how much is your out of pocket responsibility (deductible, copay, coinsurance)?

Insurances Accepted In-Network:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Blue Cross Complete
  • Blue Care Network
  • McLaren Commercial
  • McLaren Medicaid
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Meridian Health Plan

Insurances Accepted Out of Network:

Most insurances have out of network coverage.

If you would like to use those benefits, we can call to check on your coverage information. This would allow us to tell you upfront if the service is covered and what costs may be due by you out of pocket. That would allow you to make an informed decision regarding using your out of network benefits for your care.